Our 10 most popular articles of 2011

One of the best things about online publishing is that everything can be measured – from the number of How we made it in Africa readers in Abuja to the time the average Zimbabwean spends on the website. Here are the ten articles that received the most page views during 2011.

1. What Africa will look like in 2060
Large coastal megacities, a decline in the importance of agriculture, and a South Africa that is no longer a resource-rich economy. This might be Africa’s reality in 50 years’ time, according to a recent report by the African Development Bank (AfDB). Read article

2. Made in Ethiopia: The story of Holland Car
When Tadesse Tessema’s company first started to sell its locally assembled cars in Ethiopia, one of the biggest challenges was to convince the public that its vehicles were of the same quality as the brands imported from the West. Read article

3. How mobile phones are transforming African agriculture
Mobile phone technologies are presenting Africa’s smallholder farmers with an unprecedented opportunity to run their operations more productively and to grow their own income levels. Read article

4. Ranked: Africa’s ten most expensive cities
A number of African cities feature in this year’s rankings of the most expensive places for expatriates. Read article

5. Marriott not shooting from the hip with Rwanda five-star hotel
Marriott International, in its bid to capitalise on the rising demands of Africa’s emerging marketplace, plans to launch a 5-star hotel in Rwanda’s capital city. Read article

6. Nigeria’s middle-class: How we live, and what we want from life
A recent survey by Renaissance Capital of the booming Nigerian middle-class delivered some interesting results. Read article

7. Why Pepsi is interested in African agriculture
PepsiCo, one of the world’s largest food and beverages companies, is actively looking at engaging Africa’s agriculture sector as it transforms itself into a healthy foods company. Read article

8. Oil could transform Namibia into an economy like Norway
Potential crude oil resources off the coast of Namibia could have a considerable impact on the country that has a population of just over 2 million. Read article

9. Nigeria in the midst of a retail revolution
We interviewed Michael Chu’di Ejekam about the business of developing shopping malls in Africa’s most populous nation. Read article

10. Manufacturing: Can Africa become the next China?
Africa is at a critical moment in time where it needs to boost manufacturing if it wants to turn its current growth spurt into sustainable development. Read article