Only genuine Hydraform machines can deliver the quality you expect

They say the sincerest form of flattery is to imitate but it’s disheartening to our company when we see so many copiers coming out and trying to flood the market with cheap machines and providing no support or long term assistance to clients. It creates a bad reputation for the industry.

Only genuine Hydraform machines will produce the quality building blocks the company is known for.

What any good businessman should ask themselves when buying their capital equipment is, does this company have my best interest at heart. With 24 years in the industry and over 3000 machines in the field, Hydraform has stuck to its core principles, to provide quality machines, fit for the harshest conditions that can continue to give return on investment to our hard working clients for all the years they are in business.

We can deliver our machines to any country, provide training, backup and support through our dedicated and highly experienced trainers and have a proven track record for quality and service.

Quite simply, a Hydraform Machine is not a genuine Hydraform Machine if it was not manufactured by Hydraform in South Africa and as such will NOT be as reliable, nor will it produce the same high quality building block as a Hydraform Machine does.

The ability to produce quality building blocks consistently ensures the success of a building project. Downtime due to machine problems or bad quality blocks will hamper any project and prove to be unsustainable.

This makes it imperative that your blockmaking machine is reliable and that you have the correct training and support to achieve success.

Hydraform blocks can only be produced with a Hydraform Machine that is manufactured in South Africa. No other company but Hydraform International manufactures Hydraform Interlocking Blockmaking Machines.

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