One seamless solution from assessment right through to finance and maintenance. Now that’s real.



A business unit with centralised administration functions optimally, and can save time and money in the process. Further to their promise ‘Real People. Real Solutions’, Nashua’s financing and consulting services provide a simple and effective way to manage and support business solutions.

Building support

Trading under the name RC&C Finance since 1994, Quince Capital was established in 2001, specialising in financing office equipment for corporates. Quince Capital’s innovative finance solutions allow companies to finance office automation equipment at reasonable prices, by offering long-term rentals. All of Nashua’s products and services are available for finance through Quince Capital.

An intelligent offering

“Financing office equipment is a smart solution for all sizes of businesses,” says Quince Capital sales director, Rudi Steenkamp. “Our finance solutions give companies the opportunity to upgrade their equipment as new technology is developed, so they don’t run the risk of working with outdated equipment, depreciating in value.”

“If you can imagine financing a car directly through a dealership, without having to get finance from a bank, this is the kind of seamless solution offered by Nashua,” adds Steenkamp. “A client is appointed a single Nashua consultant, through which they can set up their office equipment, and manage document solutions and financing without ever having to speak to a second consultant or third party.” As part of this service, clients receive a single invoice from their designated consultant on a monthly basis, simplifying the billing process. The consultant is also their point of contact, should they encounter any issues with their equipment.

Finance for the future

Quince Capital offers finance solutions for companies like Edcon and Sasol, and forms a crucial step in Nashua’s end-to-end office automation solution. Although they are not in contact with clients directly, Quince Capital prides themselves as being an extension of everything Nashua stands for – saving time, saving money and putting clients first.

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