Manufacturing company looking to partner with stakeholders in Africa

Calculus Products is offering firms in Africa a complete solution to all their manufacturing needs. The company is also enthusiastic about assisting stakeholders in expanding their manufacturing capacity.

Calculus specialises in laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, guillotining, machining and welding of sheet metal.

Calculus is well-known for the signage it manufactures for oil companies, banks and other retail outlets across Africa.

Calculus is well-known for the signage it manufactures for oil companies, banks and other retail outlets across Africa.

The South African company manufactures an extensive range of products and specialises in sheet metal components made of stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium composite material. It is also capable of manufacturing products made of other materials.

Calculus is well-known for the eye-catching signage it produces for filling stations and banks throughout Africa. Calculus has manufactured signage for companies in Angola, Nigeria and South Africa. These include Standard Bank, Sonangol, Shell, BP, Audi, KFC, Sasol and Eskom.

Although the company can manufacture any type of sheet metal component according to specification, it already produces the following products, to name a few:

– Mobile ATMs
– Street vendor carts
– Stainless steel benches
– Electrical boxes for outdoor use
– Air conditioner casings
– Service vehicle canopies
– Metal components
– Agricultural equipment

Examples of some of Calculus' products and assemblies

Examples of some of Calculus' products and assemblies

Business Opportunity

“Entrepreneurs in the rest of Africa can build viable businesses by importing our sheet metal components and then doing the assembly and installation in their home countries,” says Max Dietstein, manufacturing manager at Calculus.

Calculus’ production process consists of three distinct stages, namely component manufacturing, assembly and installation. The manufacturing of components is by far the most expensive part of the process, mostly due to the high cost of the machinery. Calculus can manufacture any component based on the client’s own drawings at its facility in South Africa. The finished components can then be assembled and installed in the client’s home country. Dietstein says that Calculus cannot identify specific business opportunities for the client, but can most certainly manufacture the required components or products according to specifications.

“Most small businesses don’t have the capacity to manufacture the sheet metal components because of the high costs involved in buying the machinery. It is therefore much easier for them to import the manufactured components, and do the welding, spray-painting and installation themselves,” explains Dietstein.

“For example, entrepreneurs can easily get involved in the high-volume signage business by importing the components from us, and then assembling and erecting it in their own countries,” he adds.

Calculus also offers training and mentorship to foreign workers in the assembly of components and installation of finished products.

Dietstein says that, depending on the design and volume, Calculus can comfortably compete with Chinese suppliers. “Our export port is Cape Town, which is much closer to West Africa than China. It is therefore significantly more cost effective to ship products from South Africa to countries such as Nigeria or Ghana,” he explains.

“Calculus is an active player on the continent and has been involved with projects in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire,” says Dietstein.

Typical components Calculus is capable of manufacturing

Typical components Calculus is capable of manufacturing

Contact Details

For more information please contact Max Dietstein at:

Email: [email protected]



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