Making investment opportunities accessible to all Africans with Kola Oyeneyin

In Episode #68 of the Unlocking Africa podcast, Terser Adamu talks to Kola Oyeneyin, CEO of the Opportunik Global Fund (OGF), which is a private wealth fund designed by Africans for Africans.

OGF’s guiding principle is to ensure access to opportunities for everyone, regardless of their location. In pursuit of this objective, the fund offers investment opportunities in USD to middle-class and mass-affluent individuals from Africa and the diaspora.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • Breaking down investment barriers faced by Africans and the diaspora
  • Overcoming challenges in the development of the OGF
  • Forecasting the growth of the fund over the next one to three years
  • Comparing OGF to other investment options for Africans and diasporans: Advantages and distinctions

Listen below:

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