Kenyan fuel retailer scouting for opportunities in Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Kenyan fuel retailer KenolKobil has finalised plans to open an office in Zimbabwe effective 1 January 2011.

According to a statement released by KenolKobil, the move will consolidate the company’s presence towards the southern African region, and comes only four months after it registered a company in Mozambique.

The company is preparing for the commencement of business activities in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique effective 2011, and is already scouting for investment opportunities in both countries.

The move will support growth outside Kenya in line with the KenolKobil diversification strategy, the company said.

Apart from investment in subsidiaries, KenolKobil has been growing its existing portfolios in the different countries it has invested in. The company has commissioned two LPG filling plants, one in Uganda and the other in Rwanda, to support its LPG brand K-gas, which has been undergoing phenomenal growth in the two markets.