Keep your poultry healthy with Bayer’s new AviBoost range

Keeping your poultry healthy is vital to your business. With so many diseases ranging from bacterial, viral, neoplastic and parasitic to deficiencies it is important that you choose the right range of products.

Bayer’s AviBoost is a range of products especially designed to assist with a variety of applications including:

  • Bone strength
  • Poor growth
  • Heat stress
  • Environmental stress
  • Feed malabsorption
  • Poor feed utilisation and production
  • Transportation
  • Management changes
  • Hatchability problems
  • Parasitic challenges
  • Infection problems

“It is important to note that none of these products are replacements for good management nutritional practice and care, but enhance on farm management,” says Eddy Mehta, Managing Director of Ashkan Consulting, the company responsible for the development of the Bayer AviBoost range.

The AviBoost range consists out of:

  • Poultry Tonic with nucleotide;
  • Nutri-block; and
  • Aqua-bloc.

Further AviBoost range extensions almost on stream are: ES Liquid, ADE Vitamin Liquid, Spectrum Vitamin Liquid, Electrolyte Liquid and Extra D3 Liquid all in a concentrated uniquely water soluble, balanced form and readily absorbable across the gut lining thereby reducing wastage.

This range provides the additional relevant nutritional demands the birds may encounter throughout their life cycle in both broiler and layer breeds

Bruce Collins, Export Manager at Bayer Animal Health says that these products are all simple to use with great benefits. “It is not only successfully used by South African farmers but also across the continent.”

Poultry tonic with nucleotides is a concentrated liquid complementary feeding stuff that contains vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and electrolytes with added nucleotides. It aids in assisting weak and slow growing chicks and poults which are affected by stress and other conditions. The addition of nucleotides further enhances intestinal tract development while boosting the immune function and enhancing the effect of neonate vaccine performance. The nucleotides used in the AviBoost range are identical to those produced by poultry and are vital for all cellular processes and immunity.

Because it is simply diluted in the drinking water it is really easy to use. It also doesn’t “block” drinking lines and doesn’t produce Biofilms.

Recent on farm trials over 11 cycles in all weather conditions showed PEF, Survival, Production & FCR parameters far in excess of the currently acceptable on farm standards.

Two other products currently available with nucleotides in the range are both concentrated liquid gel blocks – Nutri-block and Aqua-bloc. These hydration gels also contain electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids, nucleotides and prebiotics to stimulate the friendly gut bacteria and boost immunity and cell growth. Chicks are healthier on farm, even after a stressful trip.

Nutri-block also contains triple energy sources, which aid in hydrating and energising hatchlings during transportation and handovers. The chicks arrive on farm already boosted with energy, a prebiotic layer in the gut and an additional store of nucleotides ready to enhance cellular production in the gut and provide long term production benefits as older birds.

The gel blocks are specially designed to help boost immunity from day one. 100g of either the Nutri-block or Aqua-bloc will be enough for 100 chicks travelling 2-3 hours and won’t wet the birds’ feathers. It doesn’t spill or melt up to 40°C. The improved stability of the gel blocks are ideally suited to African conditions.

“The importance of keeping your birds healthy, especially during the first seven days of life, cannot be emphasised enough,” says Mehta. “The AviBoost range of products provides simple yet effective additional nutrition to help improve performance of birds and return on investments. Only the best quality pharmaceutical and nutriceutical ingredients are used in the formulation of all AviBoost products,” he concludes.

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