Indian wind power company sets up shop in South Africa

Indian wind turbine supplier, Suzlon Energy Limited, has revealed that it will establish an office in South Africa.

“This announcement today underscores our belief that South Africa has huge wind potential, along with our intention to play a major role in bringing that to fruition. We believe that wind power can help South Africa deliver the power the country needs, along with energy security required, and create thousands of green jobs,” said Tulsi Tanti, founder, chairman and managing director of Suzlon.

Silas Zuma, who has 19 years experience in South Africa’s power sector, will head up the office as chief executive officer.

“My vision is clear. I want to see this great country of ours embracing wind for all the right reasons: closing the energy gap between what we generate currently and what we need, offering green electricity, creating many green jobs and enabling sustainability in the social, environmental and ecological spheres,” Zuma said.

“I believe that wind has a very important place in South Africa’s energy portfolio, and I am delighted to now have a strong platform with Suzlon to make that a reality,” he added.

Zuma was previously managing director of City Power.

In India, Suzlon has supplied its products to more than 40 sites and has an installed base of over 5,000 megawatts. The company has also been involved in projects across the world.