Hydraform International continues to expand its product range

Hydraform, with 24 years’ experience, continues to maintain its leadership position in the block and brick making machine industry through on-going product innovation and is excited to announce the launch of the new Hydraform M7MI-SUPER Interlocking Blockmaking Machine.

The new Hydraform M7MI-SUPER

The Hydraform M7MI SUPER Interlocking Blockmaking Machine

The addition to the Hydraform machine range sees the popular Hydraform M7MI being upgraded to increase block production by 45%. This means approximately 700 additional interlocking blocks per 8 hour shift. This pushes overall production to a massive 2,200 interlocking building blocks per day, the pan mixer of the Hydraform M7MI-SUPER has also been upgraded to mix more aggregate to facilitate the increase in production.

This increase in daily block production means that approximately 45,000 blocks can be produced per month which is equal to nine 50 square metre houses.

The renowned block design and quality remains unchanged with the latest machine offering. The Hydraform M7MI SUPER is a fully mobile machine and can be towed behind a pickup truck from building sites and block yards as needed.

Updates to the machine include subtle changes to the trailer, lights, mud guards and an increase in wheel size. A new, more powerful motor has replaced the standard one, which increases the capacity of the pan mixer by 50% to a total 140 litres.

Upon its launch the Hydraform M7MI-SUPER was met with terrific response and is set to become the new flagship model in the Hydraform Interlocking Blockmaking Machine range.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking bricks.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking bricks.

Hydraform machines are manufactured in South Africa

All Hydraform machines are manufactured in South Africa at our world class manufacturing facility based in Durban. This allows Hydraform to ship machines easily from Durban to anywhere in the world. Hydraform also has approved Hydraform distributors across Africa.

They say the sincerest form of flattery is to imitate but it’s disheartening to our company when we see so many copiers coming out and trying to flood the market with cheap machines and providing no support or long term assistance to clients. It creates a bad reputation for the industry.

What good businessmen should ask themselves when buying their capital equipment is, does this company have my best interests at heart? With 24 years in the industry and over 3,000 machines in the field, Hydraform has stuck to its core principles, to provide quality machines, fit for the harshest conditions that can continue to give return on investment to our hard working clients for all the years they are in business.

We can deliver our machines to any country in Africa, provide training, back up and support through our dedicated and highly experienced trainers and have a track record for quality and service.

Hydraform blocks have been tested to meet and exceed the highest standards; quality of blocks equals quality of buildings.

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