How to make your dairy farm more productive

DeLaval develops solutions and technologies that help to make life easier and farms more productive. Wherever there are dairy farmers, DeLaval is there. We have the solutions because we understand the different farming systems used all around the globe – by dairy farmers, for you.

A dedicated partner of dairy farmers.

DeLaval shares your passion for the industry as a whole and for the productivity and efficiency of your farm. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the solutions, knowledge, service and experience that gives them the level of control they need for their business. After more than 100 years working with South African dairy farmers we understand their changing needs and expectations better than most.

Indeed we have been involved in many of the developments that have helped to make South African dairy farmers some of the most efficient and productive in the world. With 23 distributors across South Africa and Sub Sahara Africa – we are there when you need us.

Faster and better than hand milking – make your life easier with machine milking. Affordable DeLaval milking units make milking easier for you and better for your cows. Changing from hand to machine milking has many benefits – faster milking due to improved routines and better milk let down. Good routines throughout the lactation period help to reduce the stress in your herd. This helps to improve milk quality and increase milk yield. You can choose a fixed bucket milking system or a mobile milking system.

Manual cleaning with quality, effective products is easy and plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of your entire operation. High quality milk production requires regular milking plant hygiene and maintenance. Clean hands and a clean parlour are important. DeLaval has a wide range of brushes, detergents and other products to assist you in this task. DeLaval brushes are made from high quality materials and can withstand extreme temperatures and cleaning compounds.

Good udder hygiene practices should be an important part of the daily milking routine. A good udder preparation and milking routine combined with post milking teat dipping/spraying has a proven impact on reducing mastitis incidence in your herd, improves milk let down and prevents bacteria entering the milk and lowering the quality. DeLaval offers a wide range of teat dips/sprays, dip cups, strip cups and other accessories to maintain good udder hygiene practices.

Higher milk quality through efficient cooling. Although milk has a natural resistance to bacteria immediately after it leaves the cow, only rapid cooling will stop the growth of harmful bacteria. Correct milk cooling is the only way to retain optimal quality and command the highest price from the dairy. DeLaval cooling tank DXOB efficiently cools your milk so you can maximize your income.

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