Honoris United Universities formally welcomes two leading institutions

PRESS OFFICE: Djembe Communications

Honoris United Universities, the first private pan-African higher education platform, recently announced that Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur (EMSI) – Morocco, and YK Business School (YKBS) – Mauritius, formally joined the network as member institutions. With these institutions, Honoris United Universities reaffirms its status as the referential pan-African education organisation focused on nurturing the next generation of African leaders and professionals.

EMSI, the largest private higher education institution in Morocco, has been a pioneer for over 30 years serving as an innovation centre as well as the leading multidisciplinary engineering school. Likewise, YKBS is one of the leading business schools in Mauritius offering competitive and relevant business and law programs.

“The additions of EMSI and YKBS mark an important milestone as we expand the Honoris United Universities’ network across the continent,” explains Luis Lopez, CEO of Honoris United Universities. “Honoris United Universities’ mission is focused on education that enables Africa’s future leaders to compete and excel in the prospective challenges and opportunities the continent holds. As we continue to bring together diverse, high quality and award-winning institutions from Northern and Southern Africa, we are able to refashion student success via more agile approaches. Our notion of collaborative intelligence further enables us to propose impactful solutions to increase access to affordable and high quality education throughout the continent.”

Dr Kamal Daissaoui, a founder of EMSI along with Dr Bargach El Fatimi, Dr Jawad Khayat, and Mr Zouhair Benabbou said: “We are delighted to be a part of the Honoris United Universities network as it represents an initiative devoted to fast-tracking Africa’s journey towards helping young people realise their potential. At EMSI, we have been educating engineers and innovators since 1986, a community that over these years has contributed significantly to the development of Morocco. Currently, EMSI has more than 10,000 alumni and over 4,000 student engineers in training throughout the Kingdom. EMSI’s commitment to empowering the new generation of Moroccan leaders is in line with the Kingdom’s vision for African nations to adopt a determined co-development approach for the sustainable development of the continent. The Kingdom’s vision emphasises the critical role of Africa’s youth in the development and transformation of the continent and therefore, EMSI’s mission and our participation with Honoris strongly endorse this vision.”

Prof. Jaumally Mahmad Reshad, chairman, YKBS, added: “Looking at Africa from a global point of view, Honoris United Universities will act as a catalyst for intellectual transfer between Northern and Southern Africa. Geographically, Africa is a large continent with vast disparities. Collaborative intelligence is therefore important – it seeks to build bridges of connectivity which will help to improve higher education and generate new opportunities to mould our future generations of African leaders. We look forward to embarking on this journey with Honoris United Universities.”

About Honoris United Universities

Honoris United Universities is the first pan-African private higher education network committed to preparing and educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalised world. Collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and mobile mindsets and skills are at the heart of Honoris’ vision of higher education.

Honoris United Universities joins the expertise of its member institutions to create pan-regional profile graduates that are competitive in today’s fast-paced and demanding labour markets.

Honoris United Universities gathers a community of 27,000 students on 48 campuses, learning centres and on-line, in nine countries and 30 cities across Africa. More than 100 degrees are offered in the fields of health science, engineering, IT, business, law, architecture, arts and design, media, education and political science.

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