High-end bridal gown manufacturer offering retail opportunities throughout Africa

PRESS OFFICE: Geddes Rose Distribution (all-Africa agent for Maggie Sottero Designs)

The bridal business across Africa is thriving, providing business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. High-end bridal gowns are becoming popular, creating more choices for brides and bridal businesses alike.

As a bridal shop owner in this exciting industry, you obviously want the best return on your investment, aided by having good sales each month and by always generating a profit!

Successful sales are more likely to happen if you stock the bridal gowns that your customers want. The success of your bridal store depends so much on which wedding gowns you select. Range selection is your most important decision as a bridal shop owner!

“The support I get from this brand is unbelievable and the communication with me is great!” – a retailer on a dreamy island off the Africa coast

But, where are brides looking for their wedding gowns these days? When deciding on which wedding gowns to purchase for your store, you should consider that today’s brides-to-be have a global shop window.

With almost universal access to the internet and social media, they scour the wedding gown websites for ideas while story-boarding exquisite Instagram images, being enthralled by Pinterest and making their “likes” count on big brand Facebook pages. The internet gives them exposure and access to absolutely every type of wedding gown available globally.

We also see that when they find the dress design that they want, brides are increasingly prepared to travel – either within Africa or abroad – to fit and purchase, should they not be able to find their dress locally.

“We specialise in Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Sottero & Midgley, which brings us brides from all over Africa who have seen these wedding gowns on the website and fallen in love…” – Johannesburg retailer

This is where the Maggie Sottero Designs’ (MSD) business opportunity comes into play, providing you with a way to increase sales whilst dealing with a supportive, professional and caring supplier. You can benefit from the versatility and variety of three collections:

Maggie Sottero which is the core collection of captivating designs for the classic bride. (Price average: $656)
Rebecca Ingram which epitomises superior style and quality for the value conscious bride. (Price average: $482)
Sottero & Midgley, chic, luxury cutting edge designs for the fashion forward bride. (Price average: $820)

The three brands all have:

  • The best dress fit in the business with continuous research to keep this fit current.
  • Designs that always sell – continuously tested among retailers to ensure popularity, with retailer sample groups actually helping to select final designs because they know what customers want.
  • Awesome fabrics and finishes.
  • A price point for everyone.
  • Support inside the dress for “the famous Maggie fit”.

Equally important is that MSD bridal retailers receive training, information, updates, advice and ongoing communication, because they are dealing with a caring family-owned company.

Training includes: Anatomy of the dress, style elements, fabrications, how to run a successful store, how to market to brides and many more! The social media support has proved to be very beneficial to retailers, who can benefit from the Maggie Sottero posts as well as get help in managing their own social media.

Remember, good range selection for your business is a sure road to sales success!

For more information about this exciting business opportunity, please contact Geddes Rose Distribution, the all-Africa agent for Maggie Sottero Designs at:

[email protected]