Google launches free classifieds service in Ghana

Google has launched Google Trader in Ghana, a free classifieds service that allows people to buy and sell products and services as well as search for jobs.

Google Trader allows small businesses to advertise their products and services for free.

The Ghana product follows the launch of Google Trader in Uganda in 2009.

“A few weeks ago we opened up Trader to merchants and individuals across the country. Since then we’ve seen thousands of posts across the different categories. Are you looking for a job in Accra as a driver, in a restaurant, or maybe as an engineer? Looking for an affordable house to rent or have an apartment for sale? Want to buy a second-hand pickup truck in Kumasi for your new business? Or perhaps you’re getting married and you’re on the lookout for a wedding dress or bridal decor? There are also household appliances, electronics, phones and many other products and services available in your local area,” Google said on its official blog.

“It is also a great for individuals, providing a platform where they can buy and sell new or used items. So if a fabric merchant or perhaps a tailor in Takoradi wants to sell their goods, they can now list it on Google Trader, and a buyer elsewhere can easily find and contact them. With the information right at their finger tips, buyers can easily compare prices and make the right purchasing decision,” the company added.

The service also has a free mobile version which allows users to post, sell and buy products and services via SMS.