Get smart with Agri4Africa DVDs and books

Agri4Africa has partnered with Kejafa Knowledge Works, a publisher and distributor of agricultural books, DVDs and other training materials to make a number of practical resources available to African farmers, entrepreneurs, business people and other interested parties.

The DVDs and books focus on a number of important areas like agricultural management, small stock production, hydroponic tunnel farming, animal health and successful cattle raising.

To order a DVD or book, send an email by clicking on the appropriate link below. An Agri4Africa representative will be in contact with you. Note that all prices exclude postage and packaging. All products can be shipped anywhere on the African continent.

See a selection of available DVDs and books below:


Successful Pig Production

This DVD will take you through the principles of successful pig production. Be that facilities, structures, preparation, health and disease control as well as feeding and nutrition. It is a 60 minute production under the authorship of Neil Dry (stud breeder and grower), Jon Tilley (nutrionist) and Dr Tom Spencer (veterinarian). Price: US$25 Request a copy via email

Successful Meat Goat Production

Albie Horn, founder and developer of the world renowned Kalahari Red Goats, takes you through all the different parts of meat goat production – breeds, facilities, reproduction issues, feeding, health, marketing and the financials. You will have a much better understanding of this promising industry after seeing this DVD. Price: US$25 Request a copy via email

Successful Hydroponic Production

For the first time experts and service providers will bring you closer to successful tunnel-hydroponic farming. Don’t get distressed by all the empty tunnel frames you see. Tunnel farming and especially the secret world of hydroponics is achievable with doing things first time right. This DVD was compiled by Patrick Verster from our own accredited training centre, agronomist and plant protection specialist. Price: US$32 Request a copy via email


Agricultural Management Practices

Physical planning, precision farming, livestock production systems, whole farm planning, entrepreneurship, management functions, management principles, labour, capital, agricultural-economic terms, Agri-BEE, product processing, food processing in SA. This is a must-have for every farmer – stimulating thoughts and proper planning for every farming enterprise. Price: US$40 Request a copy via email

Vaccines and Immunisation of Farm Animals

For the farmer in practise this book will give you a no nonsense approach towards dieases and parasite control on the farm. First it is an preventative measure but also guiding the farmer with symptom recognition in the best way. Dr. Faffa Malan an his co-author Dr. Jan Du Preez share years of experience in this valuable yet hands-on publication. Price: US$70 Request a copy via email

Getting Started with Beef and Dairy Cattle

If you’ve been dreaming about raising a family cow, or even a small herd, here’s the book for you! Whether your interest is in beef or dairy farming, veteran cattle farmer Heather Smith Thomas explains everything there is to know. Price: US$52 Request a copy via email

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