Fixing Africa’s broken medicine supply chain with Samuel Okwuada

In Episode #88 of the Unlocking Africa podcast, Terser Adamu talks to Samuel Okwuada, the CEO and co-founder of Remedial Health, which is building a tech-enabled, pharmacy-centred healthcare network across the continent. The company establishes a direct supply chain from manufacturers to pharmacies for medical and non-medical essentials, thereby cutting out unnecessary intermediaries. It also offers financing and inventory management solutions to pharmacies.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • How the founder’s UK experience shaped the start and growth of Remedial Health.
  • What sets Remedial Health apart from other pharmaceutical marketplaces in Africa.
  • Strategies Remedial Health employs to address market fragmentation and improve supply chain visibility for manufacturers.
  • The role of technology in Remedial Health’s business.
  • And much more!

Listen below:

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