First-time Italian waste and recycling workshops at INDUTEC

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Inadequate waste disposal and recycling infrastructure is becoming a major concern for governments in Africa as the continent’s urban middle class population expands and more rural people migrate to the cities. New infrastructure projects are needed all over Africa to accommodate growing urban and metropolitan populations.

“Recycling specialists Ecomondo Italy will introduce their Waste and Recycling workshops for the first time at the Waste and Recycling Africa part of this year’s SA Industry and Technology Fair (INDUTEC) to inform African delegates of current European practices in waste management and recycling,” says John Thomson of Exhibition Management Services, the organisers of INDUTEC. “There will be a two-hour workshop each day presented by various expert speakers in various fields of waste and recycling technology.” The Workshops will take place alongside INDUTEC from 20-22 May 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand.

Biowaste management in large cities

The first workshop is titled ‘Bio-waste management in large cities: A survey on current approaches and Best Practices’, organised by the Italian Composting and Biogas Consortium and takes place on 20 May 2015.

“The workshop is intended to give municipal solid waste (MSW) management experts and decision-makers an overview of current best-practices and approaches in bio-waste separate collection and recycling,” explains Giacomo Rotunno, the Managing Director of Senaf Promo Export, an Italian export advisory body which is organising the event.

“It will focus on the most efficient operational solutions, equipment and technologies required to enhance waste collection and convert bio-waste into compost and biogas. Specific attention will be given to experiences in large cities, showing how food-waste can be correctly diverted from disposal.”

“Many African countries such as Ghana have ineffective waste management practices. In Wa, a town in western Ghana, 810 tonnes of solid waste is generated daily of which only 216 tonnes is collected,” adds Rotunno. “The remaining waste is a massive environmental and public health hazard which needs to be managed. In Lagos, Nigeria, only 40% of generated waste is collected; 60% is left lying in the city’s streets.

These countries desperately need guidance on waste management practices and recycling.”

Re-using waste materials

Day two of the workshop will focus on recycling; management and use of materials such as plastics, tyres, metal, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and packaging, the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, and updates on success stories.

Other topics include:

  • Recycling in Italy and Europe: economic management and environmental benefits
  • The European context: strategies and objectives towards a circular economy
  • The Italian situation: waste collection and recycling industry
  • A successful case history: the experience of Revet in plastic recycling

Energy and matter recovery

Energy and matter recovery through the thermal treatment of waste is the focus of the final workshop. Luciano Piacenti, a vice president of FISE Assoambiente, will discuss the European and Italian experience on waste to energy recycling.

  • Community regulatory framework for waste treatment
  • Waste management in the European context
  • The rates
  • The emission limits
  • Main European experiences in waste to energy
  • The Italian situation
  • The main technologies applied

Giovanni Vivarelli, Senior Managing Director at ACEA SPA, will discuss The Waste to Energy plant in San Vittore del Lazio, focusing on the following themes:

  • Plant technology
  • Main operating results
  • Environmental performance
  • Economic model management

About Waste and Recycling Africa

Waste and Recycling Africa is a component of the 12-shows-in-one INDUTEC expo and focuses on products and services such as compactors, hydraulics, landfill services, odour control, recycling, safety equipment, logistics, waste services, and waste water treatment.

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