Finance ready plan: Revolutionising Liberia’s waste culture

Green Center, Liberia

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The Green Center of Monrovia is Liberia’s first waste segregation and recycling centre. They currently profit from organic compost production, the production of materials from inorganic waste, and the buying and selling of recyclables. The Green Center wants to inspire and educate Liberian society by demonstrating the benefits of composting for farmers, and even amateur gardeners, and the benefits of recycling to Liberian society more widely.

The Green Center approach attaches economic value to waste and in fact makes it profitable. Obviously, the environmental benefits of such an approach are numerous; the prevention of wasting potentially useful materials; reduction in the consumption of fresh materials and energy usage; and the minimisation of air and water pollution.

The entrepreneur, James Mulbah, has exciting plans for the future and aims to begin operating in a further six counties of Liberia, whilst also expanding the number of recycling facilities, both within and beyond Monrovia. Such expansion, James believes, could eventually reduce waste – in the areas of composting, reuse and transformation – by 50% in Liberia. Read more

Sector: Recycling and waste management
Finance needed: US$50,000 – $100,000

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