Finance ready plan: Renewable energy specialist in East Africa

Craftskills East Africa Ltd, Kenya

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Craftskills East Africa Ltd is the developer of the WindCruiser, an innovative wind power generator. The WindCruiser is manufactured using locally available raw materials, consisting of 90% of the product, and is designed to utilise low speed winds to generate power. The WindCruiser also retains hybrid possibilities, by connecting the WindCruiser with solar/diesel generators or to the main power grid.

In addition Craftskills also produce cheap LED lights with batteries for homes that cannot afford a turbine. Since its inception in 2000, Craftskills has installed wind turbines and solar hybrids to provide electricity to homes, schools, NGOs, and hotels.

Recognising the high potential of this innovation, especially in a country where electricity is not easily accessible, the Kenyan government has partnered with Craftskills to undertake their rural electrification project. The company is looking to expand its operations across Africa, and to increase its capacity for mass production. Read more

Sector: Renewable Energy
Finance needed: $200,000 – $500,000

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