Dutch group launches business opportunity in commercial cleaning industry


Companies and entrepreneurs in Southern and East Africa can now take advantage of an exciting opportunity within the commercial cleaning industry by starting their own mattress cleaning businesses.

HJR Retail Group, based in the Netherlands and represented through Tradex Corporation’s office in Tanzania, is the official distributor in Southern and East Africa of the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system. These state-of-the-art German-built machines are robust, user-friendly and easy to maintain.

During sleep, humans give off sweat and skin particles that attract house dust mites living in mattresses and bedding. There can be up to two million dust mites active in a standard mattress, causing allergies, skin irritations and bronchitis.

The POTEMA® machine’s vibrating actions and vacuum function thoroughly removes mites from the mattress, while surface germs and micro-organisms are eliminated during the cleaning process by special energy-intensive UV irradiation.

“This high-end technology promotes better health, improved sleep and a longer-lasting mattress,” says Hubert Ruers, CEO of HJR Retail Group.

Business opportunity

Southern and East Africa has a large market for mattress cleaning services, such as private residential houses, hotels, hospitals, governments and NGOs.

In addition to supplying the equipment, HJR Retail Group provides buyers with extensive training and marketing support to operate a successful mattress cleaning business.

There is also the opportunity to market ancillary services, including:

• The sale of POTEMAⓇ patented mattress spray, which neutralises odours, kills bacteria and germs, inactivates allergens, and removes light stains.
• The provision of complimentary carpet and upholstery cleaning services with patented dry powder technology.

“Our company has been active on the continent for a number of years, and our research reveals satisfactory demand for mattress cleaning services. We don’t just supply equipment, but also offer full training and assist our clients in various aspects of running a thriving commercial cleaning venture,” concludes Ruers.

For more information, contact Hubert Ruers, CEO of HJR Retail Group, at:
Telephone: +31 040 798 3074
Email: [email protected]