DRC sees 417% increase in Facebook users

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the African country that has shown the greatest growth in Facebook users over the past three months.[hidepost=9][/hidepost]

According to statistics portal Socialbakers.com, the number of Facebook users in the DRC has increased by 416.98% over the past three months to reach a total of 412,340. Worldwide, only China has experienced faster growth with that country’s users advancing by 612.19% to reach 659,060.

The DRC’s rapid growth is, however, from a low base and the country only ranks 91st in the world for its total number of registered users. Internet penetration in the DRC, which has a population of around 70 million, is still very low.

The ten African countries that have shown the fastest growth in Facebook users over the past three months are:

1. Democratic Republic of Congo
Growth: 416.98%
Total number of users: 412,340

2. Central African Republic
Growth: 387.79%
Total number of users: 54,340

3. Chad
Growth: 165.02%
Total number of users: 12,880

4. Sierra Leone
Growth: 160.76%
Total number of users: 34,160

5. Somalia
Growth: 146.91%
Total number of users: 17,580

6. Burundi
Growth: 92.11%
Total number of users: 17,520

7. Guinea
Growth: 78.05%
Total number of users: 25,140

8. Republic of the Congo
Growth: 74.72%
Total number of users: 37,880

9. Eritrea
Growth: 60.24%
Total number of users: 16,120

10. Angola
Growth: 56.63%
Total number of users: 156,600