Complete equipment solutions for Africa’s poultry industry

Peninsula Poultry Appliances (PPA) – one of South Africa’s oldest poultry equipment companies – supplies equipment to farmers across the African continent.

One of PPA's most recent projects is a state-of-the art broiler house near Cape Town, South Africa.

One of PPA's most recent projects is a state-of-the art broiler house near Cape Town, South Africa.

PPA is able to offer clients full turnkey solutions to poultry houses, including building work, ventilation systems, feeding systems, watering systems, cooling and heating. “We have supplied about 700 of these houses in South Africa and the results that our clients achieve are outstanding,” says PPA’s Duncan Unsworth.

The company is an agent and distributor of some of the world’s best known poultry equipment brands. These include:

Automatic feeding-pan systems The CODAF (Italy) automatic feeding-pan is a rational system, practical and technologically advanced.

Laying-hen systems SALMET (Germany) develops technically fine-tuned and highly specialised laying-hen systems for customers with innovative investment planning and high technological demands.

Poultry drinking systems PLASSON’s (Israel) poultry watering systems are customised for all types of poultry, from hatching to maturity of broilers, breeders, pullets, layers, turkeys and ducks.

Climate solutions SKOV (Denmark) develops, produces and sells components and systems for climate solutions, house air cleaning and production control.

Automatic nests for breeders JANSEN (The Netherlands) produces automatic nests for breeders and floor hens and sells these nests and related equipment worldwide.

PPA prides itself on its after-sales service. “When you are supplying ventilation systems, you have to have back-up. When there are problems you have to be there quickly to sort it out,” says Unsworth.

According to Unsworth, the current trend throughout the world is to build controlled environment poultry houses. “Broiler breeds have genetically improved so fast. For instance, it seems like a few years ago that birds took 56 days to grow to 2 kilograms. Today they can get to 2 kilograms in 33 days, and that is just pure genetics and better housing conditions. You have to give the bird the right conditions to perform in, otherwise you won’t get the desired results.”

He says with the proper ventilation, commercial poultry production is possible anywhere in the world. “When we get requests to build houses in very humid areas such as central Africa, we first find out what the weather conditions are, and then design the ventilation system around that,” he explains.

PPA has supplied complete broiler houses to some of South Africa’s most well-known poultry companies. It has also been involved in a number of government-promoted projects. The company is active in various African countries outside of South Africa, including Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

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