Opportunities in Malawi’s livestock industry

Opportunities exist to invest in Malawi’s livestock industry.

The livestock industry in Malawi is not fully developed. This is evident in the large number of dairy products currently being imported, around 50% of consumption.

Malawi's demand for beef and dairy products cannot currently be met by local production.

Malawi's demand for beef and dairy products cannot currently be met by local production.

The most significant oppportunities are in cattle farming for meat products and milk production as well as other dairy produce such as cheese and yoghurt.

The Mzimba District in northern Malawi is highly recommended for beef and dairy industry operations because of the existing cattle population. Particular areas such as Mzimba Boma, Champhira and Euthini have been earmarked for the industry because they have the basic infrastructure (electricity, roads, water, sanitation) needed for industrial development.

Agriculture sector overview

Agriculture is the mainstay of Malawi’s economy contributing about 39% of the gross domestic product (GDP). There are various opportunities for investment such as in aquaculture, horticulture, processing and packaging of agriculture produce.

In addition Malawi has not fully exploited the production of agricultural crops under irrigation and this is an opportunity worth considering. Horticultural products such as vegetables, flowers, and fruits can be grown using surface, gravity, pump, river diversion or sprinkler irrigation systems. Out of the 400,000 hectares of land suitable for irrigation, only 14,000 hectares are under smallholder farmer irrigation while 48,000 hectares are under estate irrigation. This indicates a huge gap that can be addressed through investment.

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