Nkoko Chicken Houses

Nkoko Chicken Houses
Type of Opportunity
Business Opportunity
Overview of Opportunity

Kiki Agri, based in South Africa, is inviting aspiring small-scale and emerging farmers across Africa to partake in a unique business opportunity to raise and sell their own poultry.

Kiki Agri provides a unique brand of chicken-houses, The Nkoko Chicken Houses, which are available in three varieties: the Nkoko 20, Nkoko 50 and Nkoko 100, reflecting the number of broiler chickens (chickens bred and raised specifically for meat production) each house can house.

The process is extremely simple and works as follows:

  • Upon purchase you will be provided with the required equipment, including: complete house with ground sheet, tube feeders, water feeders, infra red and white lamps, a thermometer, 3kg kitchen scale and the intuitive growers manual and chart.
  • You will be assisted in sourcing affordable day-old chicks, feed and saw dust in your area.
  • The houses are easy to assemble and no tools are required.
  • You will be able to commence farming immediately.
  • Broiler chickens will mature and be ready for sale and consumption within just 42 days, reaching an average weight of 2.2kg. You will therefore be generating a steady income on a regular basis.
  • The aspiring farmer does not require any prior experience and, with the grower’s manual, help is always at hand. The company will also provide support throughout your first two years of farming.

Business opportunity

Kiki Agri has many years experience in the industry and its products are manufactured to the highest quality, while maintaining affordability.

Aspiring farmers are invited to join this fast-growing, profitable industry. Whether you want to start a small-scale farm, begin a long-term agricultural venture, or you simply want to supplement your current income, The Nkoko is right for you.

The Eggy 20 laying-house is also available. It will provide up to 20 eggs daily and requires no experience or major expenses.

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