Business lessons from Jack Parow

I always have a very hands-on approach to business and I think that is very important. I visit shops that stock my sauce, CDs, etc. and do signings or tastings or whatever I can to show my appreciation to my fans and the people who support me.

Do you run any other sideline schemes?


Do you invest your money?

I have a financial advisor who helps me with that and puts my money in stocks, property, etc. and plays with it as I’m not the best at that. But I trust him.

There are many companies that want you to wear their clothes and use their products. Are there some things that you won’t do? Where do you draw the line?

I only tie myself to companies that I like. All my sponsors are companies that I wore or used before they even approached me, and actually a lot of them I approached myself as I liked what they were doing and what they were about. I won’t tie my name to anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

What is your advice to other musicians looking to make it in the music industry?

Don’t care what people say. Be yourself and if you like making psychedelic country metal then do that. Don’t follow trends. Do what you like and stick with it. If you work hard enough it will work.