Business in a box: Become an agent for innovative water purification product



South Africa and neighbouring countries are in a water crisis and need safe, simple and affordable solutions. One Drop is the solution everyone needs and is looking for.

One Drop is a 100% chlorine-free, water purification solution manufactured in Europe, which conforms to SANS241 (South African National Standard for Safe Drinking Water) as well as the World Health Organisation’s standards for safe drinking water. This internationally trade marked brand has been tested and proven by various bodies from around the world to kill all waterborne bacteria and by doing so eliminate waterborne diseases, such as Cholera and E-coli.

Tested and proven by the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR), One Drop really is the safe, simple and affordable, chlorine-free solution everyone is looking for.

Each 30ml dropper bottle is packed in a unique, high-quality blister pack with information and dosage instructions. Each 30ml dropper bottle contains 600 individual drops. At a retail value per unit of ZAR60, the end user benefits from fantastic value for money at just ZAR0.10 per drop and with as little as 3/4 drops per litre used to treat river water or water of uncertain quality, One Drop offers an affordable solution to ensuring water is always 100% safe for drinking.

One drop brochure plus flyer 600Nutritional Holdings (Pty) Ltd. holds the exclusive One Drop distribution license for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and is looking to appoint agents throughout the region to join the One Drop team, marketing and distributing this innovative and much needed product. In an effort to empower entrepreneurs to start their own One Drop business, One Drop has launched an introductory offer, which includes a One Drop “Business in a box” solution, whereby for a fee of ZAR2,500 prospective agents will receive the following:

  • 100 x One Drop retail packs (retail value of ZAR6,000)
  • 500 x A5 Marketing brochures
  • 1 x Marketing banner
  • 1 x Product manual and test results
  • 1 x Point of sales product stand

Thereafter, agents are able to purchase replenishment stock at ZAR35 per unit, with a retail value of ZAR60 per unit. That’s an incredible 70% profit margin! Replacement units are supplied in pre-packed cartons of 10 units per carton.

This introductory solution, offers prospective agents the opportunity to launch their One Drop business, buying their first 100 units at a reduced rate, and ensures that the income generated from sales of the first 100 units, pays back the initial investment and allows for a replenishment order or 100 units without any additional outlay!

Only 100 “Business in a box” solutions are available so do not delay, contact the One Drop team today at [email protected] and for more information on One Drop please visit the official One Drop website at