Business concept: Produce fresh and uniquely branded potato chips

Snackfresh, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is inviting African entrepreneurs to partake in a unique business opportunity to manufacture fresh and natural potato chips.

The Snackfresh cooker produces fresh potato chips in three minutes.

The Snackfresh cooker produces fresh potato chips in three minutes.

Snackfresh chips are available in two varieties, namely the Basic SupaChips range as well as our Healthier Snackfresh option:

  • SupaChips is our “normal” range of crisps, but is super in flavour, super in taste and super in texture. SupaChips is available in six traditional flavours: Barbeque, Cheese, Chicken, Salt and Vinegar, Chutney and Tomato.
  • Snackfresh’s healthier range, which is MSG, preservative and trans fat free, is available in eight natural flavours: Plain, Salt & Malt Vinegar, Sweet Grilled Chili, Sour Cream & Onion, Boerewors, Chargrilled Seasalt, White Cheddar, and Wasabi. Unlike factory chips that are made hundreds or thousands of miles away, weeks or months before you see them, Snackfresh allows customers to snack on a fresh bag of chips at almost the exact moment that they are made, or shortly thereafter.

The manufacturing process works as follows:

  • Whole potatoes are fed through the Snackfresh cooker
  • The machine then cuts the potato into chips and fries them into crispy perfection
  • Once this is done, the chips are seasoned and packaged by hand
  • The entire journey from potato to a Snackfresh chip is about three minutes
  • The quality of the chip is manually controlled as is the seasoning and packaging of the chips

Business Opportunity

Snackfresh licensees are hard working entrepreneurs. They are friendly, outgoing, goal driven and very involved in the success of their factories. Our licensees understand the growing importance of consumer demand for delicious and fresh snacks.

The Snackfresh business opportunity is designed for and proven to be very successful in communities or venues that have a strong commitment to fresh, all-natural food, and where the Snackfresh operator can contribute to the owner’s existing line of business.

Snackfresh delivers unique, fresh-made snack foods, because we offer a core, all natural potato chip (in a range of flavours). The Snackfresh cooker is also suitable for sweet potato, butternut and possibly cassava.

Snackfresh makes it easy to get into the fresh snack business. We believe operators deserve a larger share of this huge and profitable category, and consumers deserve a fresh choice in snacks. Snackfresh snack satisfaction is the answer to both: a superior, all natural, completely fresh and delicious snack solution.

We foresee success with this unique business concept in the following locations:

  • Amusement / Theme parks
  • Malls
  • Food courts
  • In store kiosks
  • Add on snack business to an existing business
  • Biltong shops (extension of business)
  • Snack shops (extension of business)
  • Stand-alone outlets

Snackfresh offers entrepreneurs a complete turnkey solution, which includes all the equipment and inputs required for successful potato chips production. These include:

  • The Snackfresh cooker
  • Cooking oil
  • Spices
  • Packaging material (available in English, French and Portuguese)
  • Sealer
  • Potatoes

If you are financially stable and are ready to commit to being directly involved with the running of your own Snackfresh operation, we would love to provide you with some more information and answer any questions you may have.

Contact details

For more information about this business opportunity, contact Lourens at:

Email: [email protected]

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