Beyond Lagos and Nairobi: Seven African cities of opportunity

4. Ganta, Liberia

Ganta is situated on Liberia’s border with Guinea. The presence of mining companies in the area – such as iron ore miner ArcelorMittal – has increased commercial and social activities in Ganta, says Akwasi Aninakwah, DHL country manager.

5. Farafenni, The Gambia

Farafenni is on the north bank of the Gambia River, about 120km inland from the capital Banjul. The town is experiencing fast growth mainly due to its geographical location on the main road between Dakar and the Casamance (the southern area of Senegal). The ferry to cross the Gambia River is situated at Farafenni.

“Intensive trade activities in Farafenni have attracted numerous services companies, such as banks and insurance firms, which drive economic development in the town, and consequently an influx of people,” says DHL’s Claude Edgard Zocli.

6. Nacala, Mozambique

“The natural deep sea port of Nacala will be pivotal for the export of commodities, such as coal from Mozambique’s western Tete Province,” notes DHL country manager Dominique Lalous. “The development entails an export network linking Zambia and Malawi by road and rail to Nacala. The new international airport should also be operational in early 2015 and will eliminate the dependency on Nampula – the nearest international airport 250km inland – for inbound and outbound air freight.”

7. Konza Techno City, Kenya

According to Alan Cassels, head of DHL Kenya, the most exciting development on the horizon is Konza Techno City. The aim is to develop a new technology city 60km southeast of Nairobi. Konza will focus on four economic sectors that will advance technology spending and growth in Kenya. They are education, life sciences, telecoms and business process outsourcing. The infrastructural phase of the project was recently launched.