Bessemer – supplying Africa with state-of-the-art grain storage solutions

Sub-Saharan Africa, where agricultural infrastructure is currently grossly underdeveloped, has a unique opportunity to leapfrog old technologies and install the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Bessemer has significant experience in the design, manufacture and erection of steel silos and bins across Africa.

So says Willie Coetzee, sales manager at Bessemer, a South African-based company with over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and erection of steel silos and bins for the storage of bulk grain. Bessemer has successfully completed products in a number of African countries, including Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and Nigeria, to mention a few.

Bessemer specialises in the following areas:

Grain silos: Bessemer grain silos feature superior strength and are installed with ease. Through numerous design innovations these silos have a greater peak capacity and are constructed from high-quality galvanised steel to weather the toughest conditions. The ingenious design simplifies installation, saving cost on assembly while increasing storage capacity. Bessemer silos are designed for the vertical load and safely allows for peak storage as well as supporting catwalks overhead.

Bunker systems: Bunker systems are some of the most cost effective storage systems in the grain industry. With low initial costs and no concrete or civil works needed, bunker systems can be up and running in no time. If the platform is prepared in advance and all materials are on site, Bessemer can install a bunker system within two weeks. Bunker systems are also suitable for storing fertiliser and can run off generators.

Bulk feed bins: Bessemer offers the highest quality bulk feed bins in the market. These bins are designed for the poultry, dairy and pig industries to help customers store large volumes of pre-mixed feed that cuts away the old conventional method of bag handling of feed.

Poultry houses: Bessemer also provides turnkey projects to the poultry industry. Bessemer has recently completed the single biggest project in the history of South Africa for a breeder farm. The project was awarded to Bessemer because Bessemer can deliver turnkey projects. The project consisted of 48 poultry houses. Bessemer fabricated and erected all steel work. The civil and building works was also conducted by Bessemer. The company has also erected up to 60 poultry houses in Mauritius for long trusted clients.

Fish farming: Bessemer is now involved in the aquaculture industry to assist farmers and commercial enterprises to deliver and install feeding systems for the fish farm industry. Products include equipment for land-based and water-based fish farming.

Mobile agri products: Bessemer also supplies the Brandt brand of mobile grain handling equipment to the farming sector as well as the commercial industry.

Why choose Bessemer?

Coetzee says that one of Bessemer’s greatest competitive advantages is the fact that it can do complete turnkey projects.

The company doesn’t use sub-contractors and has its own in-house engineers and consultants.

Only the finest steel, bearing the approval of the South African Bureau of Standards and meeting the Bureau’s exacting demands, is used. Bessemer consults with industry leading companies from the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK to be sure to supply and have the best possible products, the latest technology, the best technical advice and specifications possible.

Coetzee is optimistic about sub-Saharan Africa’s potential in agriculture. “We are seeing an increase in enquiries from countries across the continent. Especially in Southern and Eastern Africa a lot of infrastructure is being built that will make it easier to export commodities.”

Contact details

For more information about Bessemer’s products and services, or to request a quote, contact Willie Coetzee at:

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