AgriChallenge: Experienced suppliers of seeds and equipment to African farmers

AgriChallenge (Pty) Ltd. has over the years established itself as one of the foremost suppliers and agents of seeds and agricultural equipment to farmers in Africa. The company prides itself in its know-how of African conditions and its ability to cater for large commercial projects.


AgriChallenge and its sister company Green 2000 was responsible for establishing an agriculture project for the Plateau State Government in Nigeria.

The Johannesburg-based firm is headed up by Ramy Tidhar who has 32 years experience in the agricultural industry working and consulting in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece and Egypt, to name a few. Seventeen years ago, Tidhar decided to base his company in South Africa from where he continues to serve the African market.

One of AgriChallenge’s key strengths is its association with sister company Green 2000, one of Israel’s leading agriculture firms.


AgriChallenge supplies a wide range of products, but has a specific focus on seeds, fertilisers, organic pesticides, chemicals for water disinfection, as well as irrigation equipment.

Seeds: As seed distributor in Africa of Israeli brand Green Seeds, AgriChallenge supplies well adapted seed varieties for a very competitive market in all the crop growing regions. Green Seeds maintains constant contact with research institutes so as to always keep abreast of the latest technologies, ensuring an excellent foundation for the company’s activities worldwide. Download the product brochure

Fertilisers: AgriChallenge supplies a range of fertilisers, including Potassium nitrate.

Organic pesticides: The company supplies high-quality pesticides such as 737-TR, 747 TR + and 767-SEPT. Download the product brochure

Chemicals for water disinfection: Filter Treat offers a safer, more effective, easier to apply and less corrosive alternative to chlorine-based oxidising biocides and non-oxidising biocides for microbiological control in certain applications. This product is designed to biodegrade in the presences of sunlight and on contact with soil. Filter Treat effectively controls bacterial, algal and fungal slimes in filers. Common uses include disinfection of sand filters, disinfection of screens in automatic filters and cleaning of discs in disc filters. Download the product brochure

Irrigation: AgriChallenge is a supplier of drip systems, sprinklers, filters and water meters. Download the product brochure

Projects in Africa

AgriChallenge has considerable experience with projects in the African continent. Some of its most recent projects include supplying irrigation to a large banana plantation in Mozambique, vegetable seeds to a project in Angola, as well as supplying fertiliser to farms in Swaziland.

Its sister company Green 2000 has also completed numerous projects across the continent, including countries such as Angola, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, South Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya. Some of these projects are:

Angola: Consultation, planning and set-up of an agricultural training centre, including 5 ha of greenhouses and a 30 ha open-field vegetable farm. The project includes ongoing farm management.

Nigeria: Green 2000 has been involved in the planning, set-up and ongoing management of an agriculture project for the Plateau State Government in Nigeria. Some elements of the scheme include an agricultural services and training centre, 300 ha field crops project, 30 ha open-field vegetable farm, 5 ha of greenhouses and a dairy facility.

Equatorial Guinea: In Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea the company was responsible for the planning and establishment of a large farming project which included greenhouses and a poultry farm comprising a hatchery, feed mill and slaughter house.

Contact Details

For more information on AgriChallenge’s products, or to request a quotation, contact Ramy Tidhar at:

Email: [email protected]


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