A turn-key solution to profit from poultry

Have you always wanted to generate a sustainable income but never knew how to do it? Do you want to start making money and improve your financial position?

The Surehatch SH1800 Combo Egg Incubator

If these questions sound familiar then you are in luck. Whether you are an emerging farmer or established entrepreneur, Surehatch has developed a proven turn-key solution which will enable anyone wanting to make money from poultry to do so. They have made it possible for you by doing all the hard work and designed a recipe for success. All you need to do is follow this recipe and financial success will be yours!

Starting your own profitable poultry business has never been easier thanks to Surehatch. They have created a hatchery set-up which can easily be started and enables you to produce chickens fast and efficiently. They call it “turn-key” because all that is required from you is to invest in the equipment and follow the prescribed steps. This unique business model has been successfully implemented by various entrepreneurs and upliftment projects aimed at creating sustainable incomes and employment. The demand for chickens is ever growing and the time has come for entrepreneurs to seize this wonderful money making opportunity! The market is open to small-scale producers wanting to take part in this very lucrative industry. You can now become a player in the poultry industry and determine your own income.

There are many benefits to starting a small-scale poultry business. It has a relatively low start-up cost and very little space is required to start. Most businesses require a large capital outlay which is generally not within reach for most people. With Surehatch’s unique affordable hatchery set-up you can have a profitable poultry business up and running within days. Surehatch developed a proven three step money making formula which enables you to start getting a return on your investment within 30 days of starting. No other business can provide such a quick and guaranteed return on your investment!

Surehatch products offer the best possible value for money and it offers great after sales support. Surehatch has over 30 years of experience in the poultry industry. It has created a recipe for success, which – if followed, will produce sustainable profitable results. Surehatch has now made this recipe available to anyone wanting to become a successful small-scale poultry farmer. Surehatch has developed a range of highly efficient egg incubators over the years which make the hatching of chicks easy and reliable. They also provide unique small-scale poultry housing and feed making equipment such as small scale hammer-mills and feed mixers. Surehatch’s turn-key solution provides you with all the essential equipment you need to succeed. You can now truly become a self-sustaining poultry producer and create your own success!

Surehatch’s turn-key solution enables you to hatch and grow your own chickens without having to rely on suppliers of day-old chicks. It is common knowledge that the supply of day old chicks is very limited and unreliable. Surehatch has now made it possible for farmers to produce their own reliable supply of chickens both for personal consumption and for resale. It is an ideal opportunity to supply your surrounding area with quality chickens. Owning a profitable hatchery is not limited to big companies anymore; with Surehatch you can now also become a successful poultry farmer. Surehatch provides complete training and information on how to effectively manage your poultry business. They assist you every step of the way so as to ensure your success.

The Surehatch SH1800 Setter

Surehatch will show you various ways in which you can make money from poultry. They have done all the hard work in developing a sustainable business model which simply needs to be implemented by you as the entrepreneur. Surehatch has succeeded in enabling many customers over the past few years to start and run their own profitable poultry businesses. They have eliminated the guesswork and base their advice and information on first-hand experience which will assist you in making a success. Surehatch can also assist in arranging finance for your business. There are various options if you require money to start – these come in the form of loans, lay-buys, grants and subsidies. The experts at Surehatch can assist you in applying for finance and can help you compile an effective business plan.

Surehatch’s small scale hatchery concept enables you to start generating a positive income within the first month of business. You can determine your own income and expand your poultry business as you require. No experience is needed and anyone wanting to make an additional income can now do so thanks to Surehatch’s innovative turn-key solution!

There has never been a better time to start than now. If you want to earn an extra income and become a successful poultry farmer then this is your chance. By starting today you can create a constant income stream and build a business which can better your life and those around you.

Surehatch can provide all the information you need to start your own successful poultry business. Contact them on 086 100 5899 or e-mail to [email protected] if you would like to start making money from poultry. You can also visit the website www.surehatch.co.za to access additional free resources.

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