A more inclusive pension system in Nigeria with Tunji Andrews

In Episode #60 of the Unlocking Africa podcast, Terser Adamu talks to Tunji Andrews, who is the CEO of Awabah. The digital platform helps millions of Nigerians get on the Micro Pension Scheme that allows the self-employed and persons working in small organisations to make financial contributions towards a pension.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • The importance of pensions, health insurance, life insurance and accident insurance for those working in Africa’s informal sector.
  • The measures and guarantees in place to protect Awabah’s customers’ pensions.
  • The challenges Andrews faced in launching Awabah, a digital platform that disrupts a large and well-established market and institutions.
  • Awabah’s plans to expand into new African markets and its plans to finance this growth.

Listen below:

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