Over 40 years in business and still putting the customer first. Now that’s real.



Nashua Limited has been a major player in the African office automation market for over 40 years.

By constantly improving and innovating their service offering, and through a calculated shift from printer supplier to full-service business solutions provider, the pioneering organisation has become a trusted name in the integrated business solutions market.

A history of innovation

Since its foundation in 1973, Nashua has remained committed to quality service, living true to the iconic payoff line “Saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first.” Though it’s undergone a fundamental shift in service offering, the company retains its most valuable brand principle – customer focus. It’s this dedication to putting the customer first that’s earned Nashua its reputation of reliability and unwavering support, with a network of over 60 franchises.

Originally established as a subsidiary of USA-based Nashua Corporation, the company was acquired by the Barlow Group in 1983. As it continued to grow and expand as an emerging supplier of liquid toner copiers, the company was bought by JSE-listed Reunert Electronics in 1993, and continued to provide African businesses with state-of-the-art technology.

Shift in thinking

In 2007, Nashua began overhauling, redesigning and reimagining the scope of their service offering. Having lead the office automation market in South Africa for some time, the company decided to extend their reach by becoming a full-service office solutions company with a strong focus on expansion into new and specific territories in Africa.

By shifting focus from providing hardware to offering integrated business solutions that allow customers to increase efficiency, lower operational costs and boost productivity, Nashua looks to revolutionise the industry with particular focus on managed print services and managed document services by offering insight-based, integrated services, tailored specifically to each company’s needs.

Built on quality

As the industry leader in business solutions, Nashua’s growing portfolio of integrated services is what keeps the company ahead of the curve.

Building on a rich heritage of printing hardware, Nashua continues to offer the highest quality devices, to assist print rooms, commercial systems and small-end devices to operate at maximum capacity. With this offering, comes the natural progression to managed print services, which can significantly drive down organisational costs and environmental impact.

In 2015, the company introduced Nashua Voice into its South Africa channel, a low-cost, high quality IP-based telephony service. This end-to-end solution allows Nashua clients to improve and enhance business communication, both internally and externally.

Nashua’s Device Management improves workflow, whilst shrinking overheads, through real-time fleet monitoring. To further boost intelligent management within organisations, Nashua also offers Managed Document Services. This service encompasses everything from workflow management to content tracking.

Driving change

With a vision to overhaul the business solutions industry, so too has Nashua remained true to their mission to support underprivileged communities and drive social change in the communities who need it most.

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF) supports almost 15,000 underprivileged children on a daily basis. The foundation provides food, cleaning materials and toiletries to a network of 72 children’s charities, in the hopes of creating sustainable, child-friendly living conditions. The NCCF also supplies stationery, school clothes and bags to needy children in townships. In addition, the NCCF spearheads building projects and facilitates upgrades to existing community centres.

Green business

As the market leader in integrated office solutions, Nashua believes reducing the environmental impact of business is a core responsibility of the modern, mindful organisation. From the devices themselves and energy-saving functionality, to changing the way people work, Nashua takes a holistic view of the many small steps businesses can take to make a big change.

The business solutions experts use leading-edge technology and proactive thinking to save both time and resources to transform offices into greener spaces – a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products and services while simultaneously reducing their own carbon footprint.

Powerful leadership

Nashua CEO Mark Taylor has a distinct vision for the future of the company, and continues to push the boundaries of innovation, he remains adamant that Nashua still has a long way to go in revolutionising the industry

“This brand has transformed and progressed over the years, always looking to better understand and improve the structure of the modern workspace,” says Taylor. “But the values and principles at the core of the business remain the same – integrity, modernisation and customer-centricity.”

For more information on Nashua’s integrated business solutions offering, visit Nashua.co.za. For the opportunity to interview Mark Taylor about the future of this dynamic South African OEM, contact [email protected].