10 African business leaders and thinkers to follow on Twitter

A number of African executives are using micro-blogging platform Twitter to communicate their thoughts on business, politics and Africa’s development, as well as some more trivial subjects such as football.

Bob Collymore, CEO of Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom, has over 36,000 followers on Twitter.

Bob Collymore, CEO of Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom, has over 36,000 followers on Twitter.

Here are ten African business leaders and thinkers worth following on Twitter:

1. Bob Collymore @bobcollymore
Position: CEO, Safaricom (Kenya)
Number of followers: 36,799
Interesting tweet: “@yegonstar: Hey @bobcollymore can i call you bobby for short???” How on earth can BOBBY be short for BOB??

2. Michael Jordaan @MichaelJordaan
Position: Chief Executive, First National Bank (South Africa)
Number of followers: 8,027
Interesting tweet: Rating agencies are paid to formalise the blindingly obvious, long after the markets have figured it out.

3. Trevor Ncube @TrevorNcube
Position: Chairman and Deputy Executive Chairman at Alpha Media Holdings (Zimbabwe) and M&G Media (South Africa)
Number of followers: 6,590
Interesting tweet: Am I the only one who thinks Sir Alex is enjoying gum more than football? #ManU #N’Castle

4. Chris Kirubi @CKirubi
Position: Africa’s 31st richest person (according to Forbes) with interests in a variety of industries (Kenya)
Number of followers: 21,693
Interesting tweet: A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship… What do you think? True or false?

5. Grant Pattison @GrantPattison
Position: CEO, Massmart (South Africa)
Number of followers: 775
Interesting tweet: Never Argue With A Fool – They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!

6. Ashish J. Thakkar @AshishMaraGroup
Position: Founder and MD, Mara Group (Uganda)
Number of followers: 63
Interesting tweet: Being in #Dubai airport makes you think why we don’t have airports like this in #Africa. We need to adopt PPP’s and be more innovative.

7. Ory Okolloh @kenyanpundit
Position: Policy Manager, Google Africa (South Africa/Kenya)
Number of followers: 21,277
Interesting tweet: So if any reporter out there wants to do a non-overdone future of Africa story (hint don’t mention mpesa), youth bulge and farming is it.

8. Mteto Nyati @mteton
Position: MD, Microsoft South Africa (South Africa)
Number of followers: 329
Interesting tweet: Human beings try to control others but the human soul is hard wired to be free. Why do we waste time and effort ???

9. Mthuli Ncube @MthuliNcube
Position: Chief Economist and Vice President, African Development Bank (Tunisia)
Number of followers: 138
Interesting tweet: Africa’s ageing population is an opportunity for policy reforms and business opportunities in medical insurance and life assurance.

10. Linus Gitahi @LGtwits
Position: CEO, Nation Media Group (Kenya)
Number of followers: 2,566
Interesting tweet: It’s a paradox that the more disciplined I am, the more freedom I have…..similarly, the more I give, the more I seem to create wealth.