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Doing business in Kenya: What do Chinese companies really think?

It is very rare in Kenya to see the CEO of a Chinese-owned company discussing their interests in the country.

Emerging markets – it’s our turn

Jeremy Gardiner argues that South Africa’s economic slump is an emerging market trend that will pass.

Watch out South Africa, Nigeria is on the rise

The West African nation has set itself an ambitious target of becoming one of the world’s top 20 economies by 2020.

Meet the Boss: Gikonyo Gitonga, CEO, Axis Real Estate

“We need good governance, elimination of corruption and for us Africans to believe in ourselves.”

Will Africa’s natural resources boom benefit the poor?

Anand Rajaram highlights the need to ensure revenues from oil, gas and mining benefit African populations.

East Africa’s oil discoveries ‘may turn out to be a curse’, says analyst

While oil finds are expected to bring wealth, infrastructure, political and corporate challenges need to be overcome.

Rwanda least corrupt country in East Africa – index

The Kenya chapter of Transparency International found that two neighbouring countries in Africa call on two different ends of the scale in terms of corruption.