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How David Mwendele is making money to fund his youth charity

“I was very frustrated seeing fellow youth who were not lucky enough to get an education suffering.”

Gossy Ukanwoke – Nigeria’s online university pioneer

Offering courses in a variety of subjects, Beni American University students access all material online.

The great debate: Experience vs qualification

Managers are a crucial part of any business and need the right qualifications and industry experience.

Approaching education differently is key to transforming Africa’s future

Education on our continent is in something of a crisis, and action is needed quickly.

Is ‘the dark continent’ set to light the way?

Developing African leaders of the future is the best way to ensure the success of the continent.

South Africa welcomes Chinese language and influence in schools

“China is South Africa’s biggest trading partner so it is extremely beneficial to learners to be exposed to the Mandarin language.”

The story of Best Ayiorwoth: Starting a microfinance business at age 19

When a young Ugandan orphan had to cut short her high school education, she swore she would take a stand. And she did.

Putting the balance into MBA

To gain the most out of undertaking an MBA it is important to create balance between studies, life and work.

How Cape Town-based Funda wants to change the way we learn

This business makes education accessible through online learning systems.

We need entrepreneurs who will say no to corporate jobs, says tech school MEST

“We choose people who are really passionate about starting software development companies.”

Meet the Boss: Eddah Gachukia, founder, Riara Group of Schools

“I think idleness is the largest enemy of youth in Africa.”

Private education pioneer talks about her business journey

In 1978, Mary Okelo founded Makini Schools, one of Kenya’s earliest private education institutions.

Africa needs more skilled engineers, says research

“Beyond the direct impact of poor infrastructure, lack of engineering capacity hampers economic growth.”

Talking business with private education entrepreneur Simon Gicharu

Dinfin Mulupi talks to Simon Gicharu, founder of Mount Kenya University.

PSG Africa targeting consumer-facing companies for private equity deals

“The middle class is growing and the consumer is gaining more purchasing power,” says Michiel le Roux, investment executive at PSG Africa.