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Start-up snapshot: Assisting student academics and providing tutor jobs for graduates

African Tutor is an online platform offering students academic resources such as information on scholarship opportunities, fellowships, jobs and internships.

How Tanzania’s Ubongo Media built a business by making maths cool

Tanzania social enterprise is helping children in East Africa improve their maths with interactive educational cartoon.

Start-up snapshot: App to help South Africans improve their school grades

A new South African tech start-up, Learning Lab Apps, aims to make learning easier by building web and mobile educational applications.

Start-up snapshot: Preparing Nigerian university hopefuls for exams

Prepclass provides a database of study content to help prepare prospective university students for their JAMB exams.

Thought leadership: Africa’s very future depends on STEM education

Africa’s workforce needs reinventing through STEM education, or else its economies are doomed, writes Mariéme Jamme.

South African financing firm sees opportunity in private education

Business Partners recently launched a dedicated education fund.

Executive education: Caroline Mutoko on why you should go back to school

Kenyan media queen on how she benefited from executive education.

Akili Dada – grooming young women to become movers and shakers

Akili Dada seeks to address the need for greater representation of women in leadership roles in Africa.

Meet the Boss: Enase Okonedo, dean, Lagos Business School

“I’m a strong advocate of work-life balance.”

Lizzie Wanyoike’s journey from teacher to education entrepreneur

How we made it in Africa speaks to Lizzie Wanyoike, CEO of the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies.

Thoughts from Toyin Saraki on women leadership and Africa

“I believe that our biggest challenge as women is to be able to step forward and to actually lead.” – a startup with a new model for education in Nigeria

“Our current education system can’t meet our demand,” says Fehintolu Olaogun, co-founder of

Africa’s top three young entrepreneurs share their secrets to success

Anzisha Prize winners show that age has nothing to do with business success.

Trash into cash: A student makes a business from recycling

Green’Act aims to change habits by introducing recycling on school campuses.

Advancing Africa’s youth: Ashish Thakkar and others debate formal education

“I believe that things like mentorship are a lot more important than education because it is more practical.”