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Our top five Meet the Boss interviews of 2013

We highlight our most prominent interviews with business bosses.

Nigeria’s GDP rebasing: Could we see a 53% rise in January?

Next year Nigeria is likely to be the largest economy in Africa when it is expected to change the base year for its GDP calculations.

Six ideas to make a success of your African-based business in 2014

DHL country managers provide tips on doing business across the continent.

Meet the Boss: Yaw Nsarkoh, managing director, Unilever East and Southern Africa

“We have to hold ourselves to global standards. Do not accept false benchmarks.”

How Cape Town-based Funda wants to change the way we learn

This business makes education accessible through online learning systems.

Being a woman in business in Africa takes guts, says Coca-Cola foundation boss

Coca-Cola recognises the benefit of empowering women in Africa.

Cross-border deal making in Africa expected to rise in 2014

Report projects growth in number of M&A between companies in different African countries.

Meet the Boss: Isaac Kwaku Fokuo, CEO, African Leadership Network

African Leadership Network head encourages Africans to be proud of being African.

China’s investment in Africa is positive, says advisor

The Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence is focused on improving relations between Africa and China.

Poultry demand in Africa likely to continue growing, but not all local producers are benefitting

Poultry industry operators need the right business strategies to thrive in Africa.

South African agri-focused businesses show increasing interest in Africa

With the land and water resources, Africa has the potential to meet the world’s food needs.

Africa should focus on economic diversity

Professor Lemma Senbet urges African economies not to base growth only on natural resources.

Porsche’s African expansion is ‘a long-term project’

The luxury car maker has plans to expand across sub-Saharan Africa.

Assessing risk and opportunity in Africa

EY report highlights foreign direct investment into sub-Saharan Africa, particularly South Africa.

Is it possible to define the African leader?

African leaders are no different from leaders in Europe, the Americas and Asia.