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Young developer looks to take Joburg’s Maboneng Precinct model to Ghana

“The idea is to create a mixed-use development by recycling an old building in an old downtown area.”

How bamboo bikes gave women a new future in Ghana

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative trains women to become highly proficient bike builders.

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Moonlight Café reaches out to young underground artists and discovers new talent in music and poetry.

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Setting up businesses back home: Four returning Africans share their stories

Many Africans living abroad have returned to the continent to set up companies. But how have their expectations compared to the reality?

Ghanaian messaging app Saya gains popularity in India

“Five months after the launch we got 14m people who had been invited by their friends to use the service.”

African business leaders ‘must understand integrity’, says ALN boss

African Leadership Network CEO offers insight into strengthening good leadership in the continent.

For Africa By Africa – a consumer trend to watch out for in 2014

African companies are creating products specifically for consumers on the continent.

Africa ‘has potential to grab global manufacturing opportunity’

Africa should focus on developing a range of economic activities and the skills to match these.

What does the failure of Woolworths say about Nigeria?

Woolworths may not have succeeded in Nigeria, but many other South African retailers are doing well.

Business leaders need courage and humility, says Unilever MD

“In today’s world you cannot be a leader that professes to know it all.”

Report highlights 2014 trends in mergers and acquisitions

The Deal Drivers Africa report forecasts M&A activity in Africa for next year.

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Nigeria’s GDP rebasing: Could we see a 53% rise in January?

Next year Nigeria is likely to be the largest economy in Africa when it is expected to change the base year for its GDP calculations.