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Meet the Boss: Saleh Nasreddin, founder, NAS Foods, Ethiopia

“In Africa, everything is good business. You just have to plan well, work hard and do it right.”

Meet the Boss: Karim Teja, managing director, Heron Portico Hotel

“Whether or not you succeed in life depends on what you make of your experience and attitude.”

Meet the Boss: Addis Alemayehou, managing partner, 251 Communications, Ethiopia

Addis Alemayehou answers our questions.

Meet the Boss: Simbarashe Mhuriro, director, Oursun Energy Zimbabwe

“Be passionate about your idea and pursue it relentlessly. It is not going to be easy, so be resilient.”

Meet the Boss: NJ Ayuk, managing partner, Centurion Law Group

“To keep going forward we can’t be held back by this self-bigotry of low expectation.”

Meet the Boss: L.N. Rathi, managing director, ChemiCotex Industries

“If you like a job, give it your all. If you don’t, then don’t hang around.”

Meet the Boss: Mustafa Suleimanji, MD, Lamudi

“It’s an exciting time in Africa and the internet is shifting the way we do business.”

Meet the Boss: Kapila Ariyatilaka, MD, Chai Bora

“Be honest in your dealings. You will sleep well and will still make the money you require to live in this world.”

Meet the Boss: Ismail Ahmed, founder, WorldRemit

“Coming across sceptics in professional life can actually be more useful than advice. It makes me work even harder towards my vision.”

Meet the Boss: Jannie Mouton, founder, PSG

“Thinking back, my biggest lesson was back when I was fired because I was too relaxed and too sure of myself.”

Meet the Boss: Jitesh Ladwa, CEO, Mkoba Private Equity Fund

“You need to appreciate most successful business people work really hard to get where they are.”

Meet the Boss: Erfaan Mojgani, country manager, Kaymu Tanzania

“I love saying that I am growing an e-commerce company in Tanzania. It’s crazy, it’s tough and its fun.”

Meet the Boss: Andrew Waititu, MD, SAP East Africa

“One thing that takes people aback is when they figure out I’m also a DJ.”

Meet the Boss: Hatem Hariri, MD for Africa, Avaya

Seriously, you can’t learn leadership from books. You have to live it.

Meet the Boss: JJ van Dongen, senior vice president, Philips Africa

“If you are going to do something, do it properly, and you actually need to win at it.”