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African countries weak as individuals, powerful as collectives

For potential to be truly realised, African economies need to view each other less as competitors, and more as economic partners.

Reducing the risks of investing in agri-preneurs: How this Kenyan is doing it

“There is nothing genius about what we decided to do.”

Africa’s overlapping trade blocs trigger illegal trade

A look at how overlapping membership of trade regimes can trigger illegal trade, using Kenya’s sugar sector as an example.

How do African countries stack up against other emerging markets?

And should African markets be doing more to compete for global investment?

Meet the Boss: Nadine Tinen Tchangoum, country director, PwC Cameroon

“Always do what you say.”

FMCG success in Cameroon: Business leaders share their tips

How we made it in Africa asks business leaders to share their tips and strategies for FMCG success in Cameroon.

How Kaymu is tackling challenges facing e-commerce in Cameroon

A look at some of the challenges facing e-commerce in Cameroon, and the solutions one online marketplace uses to tackle them.

Meet the Boss: Bruno Olierhoek, MD for Central Africa, Nestlé

“Be patient and build from the ground up.”

Meet the Boss: Anirban Deb, country head, Olam Cameroon

“Success does not make you Superman. Failure does not make you a loser.”

Douala – looking beyond first impressions

How we made it in Africa‘s Kate Douglas talks about her first impression of Douala. And how wrong it was.

Meet the Boss: Candace Nkoth Bisseck, country manager, Kaymu Cameroon

“It’s better to be the boss of your village than an anonymous guy in a city.”

Why a 15 year old decided to build bikes from bamboo in Ghana

“It’s so sad and so serious that a common toothpick in my country has to be imported from other countries,” says Winifred Selby.

Wheelbarrows of dollars: Understanding informal trade in East Africa

Informal trade shouldn’t be crushed, but rather formalised using incentives, says Ecobank research head.

Financing boda-bodas in Uganda: Where banks say no, this entrepreneur says yes

Michael Wilkerson is one of the founders of Tugende, a company that offers a lease-to-own model to help Ugandan boda-boda drivers own their own motorcycle.

Airline Flydubai increasing its business on the continent

UAE’s low-cost airline Flydubai is increasing its routes to several destinations in northern and eastern Africa.