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How big business can engage small-scale farmers in Africa

It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to work with smallholders to guarantee supply.

Practical tips to cope with year end stress

Research has shown that the most successful individuals – the Type A personalities and perfectionists amongst us – will be more susceptible to stress than others, which probably comes as no surprise.

Nigeria – worst country for a baby to enter the world in 2013?

Nigeria is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. However, it is apparently also the worst country to be born in the year 2013.

‘Africa’s growth stats don’t reflect reality on ground’

Attention is on Africa as the new business destination of the world. But, without guidance on the ground, grand business plans can decay into regrettable adventures.

South Africans should learn from entrepreneurs in rest of continent

South Africa should be making use of the African continent as a positive example when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Many Irish businesses see trading with Africa as ‘too much of a challenge’

The potential for business opportunities in Africa is far from being realised by Irish companies according to new research from Barclays Bank Ireland.

African low-cost airline fastjet unveils new branding

Africa’s new low-cost airline fastjet, backed by easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, this week unveiled its new logo.

How land deals with foreign investors can actually benefit African farmers

African governments should use the proceeds from land leased to foreign investors to subsidise the cost to local farmers of modernising their farming methods.

SABMiller’s African strategy: halving the price of beer; doubling the price of beer

SABMiller wants to drop the price of beer for lower-income consumers, while at the same attracting more drinkers to its premium green bottle brands.

Interview: Shoprite CEO talks retail in Africa

Shoprite Holdings chief executive Whitey Basson discusses foreign investment in Africa’s retail sector as well as Shoprite’s expansion into the continent.

Africa’s under-40 millionaires share their secrets to success

Africa’s under-40 millionaires reveal the reasons for their success and give advice to other budding entrepreneurs.

M&A: Opportunities for SA companies in rest of continent, but challenges remain

“The challenge with acquisitions in African countries is that the formal economies are underdeveloped and so acquisitions are feasible only on a piecemeal basis.”

South African insurers targeting Africa for growth and margins

Leapfrog, Sanlam and Old Mutual are a few South African insurance giants that have recently announced insurance acquisitions into African markets.

Samsung launches phone aimed at cost-sensitive users in Africa

Samsung today announced that it will launch a low-cost mobile phone specifically aimed at Africa and other emerging markets.

Influx of foreign investors pushes demand for office space in Accra

Foreign investors are driving demand for office space in Ghana’s capital Accra, according to property group Broll.