Take-aways taking South Africa by storm

Success does not come easily but “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips and its new umbrella company, Traditional Brands, have proven that they not only have the best recipes in their kitchens but have the recipe for success in the business world as well.

With a phenomenal growth rate that has seen over 350 stores opened in a mere five years, “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips has positioned itself as the fastest growing franchise in South Africa with an incredible success rate of 99% and a ROI of only 11 months. With clinically clean stores, phenomenal products, a business plan that clearly supersedes most and a passion for all things traditional in the kitchen, “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips has shown that one can succeed even when economic times are less than favourable.

Adding to the all successful fish and chips brand that South Africans have come to know and love, Chingos has been introduced as the next big success story to come from Traditional Brands!

Chingos serves a mouth watering array of rotisserie chicken reminiscent of mom’s famous Sunday lunches, and keeps with the theme of serving superior, traditional meals in clean stores that always have friendly service. Chicken burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps and kiddies meals can also be found on the menu along with a few of those truly South African favourites – rice, pap and gravy. It is easy to see that Chingos is a brand that caters to both families and individuals at competitive prices that will have everyone talking!

“Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips has spread across all nine provinces in South Africa and Chingos is following suite. With another 150 stores set to open this year and expansion into Africa to take place in a matter of months, the De Sousa’s have set the standard for all other South African franchises to follow!

Traditional Brands is proving that a strong family ethos and building on what you know can bring great rewards, not only for one self but also for the 8000+ people who have found themselves working for the brand to date.

If you’re a motivated self-starter, with a great attitude and sound business knowledge, then you would be the ideal franchisee to join us on this path to success. With various RASA Awards for Excellence, all eyes will be watching these brands as they continue to make South Africa a tastier place to be!

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For more information about becoming an “Old Fashioned” Fish And Chips or Chingos Chicken franchisee, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +27 87 940 1105
Website: www.traditionalbrands.co.za

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