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How to make the Internet of Things work for Africa

The new Internet of Things has the potential to compensate for Africa's legacies of underdevelopment.

Uber: No deal breakers for doing business in sub-Saharan Africa

Uber had to tweak its developed-country business practices to align with the local realities in African countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Nigeria: Don’t worry about short-term economic volatility, says MTN chairman

'It is still a very important market, almost 170 million people,' says Phuthuma Nhleko.

Rwandan solar-powered kiosk company wants to create Africa’s biggest wifi network

Making people that earn less than US$5 a day part of the digital revolution.

Digital technology aiming to empower small-farm owners in east Africa

Mastercard has launched a new digital marketplace for east African farmers to sell their crops and receive payment via their mobile telephones.

Why Facebook is rolling out wifi hotspots in Kenya

The offering – which the social media giant has also rolled out in India – allows consumers to access affordable wifi from hotspots.

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  1. Start-up snapshot: Using artificial intelligence to improve education

    14 August, 2017
    M-Shule uses artificial intelligence to create and deliver personalised learning programmes to students via SMS.
  2. Cryptocurrency is the great African opportunity

    8 August, 2017
    Like any other investments, cryptocurrencies carry risks. However, not owning or embracing the native money of the internet is even riskier.
  3. Senegal start-up trains young coders

    8 August, 2017
    Senegal’s tech scene has been slow to get off the ground.
  4. Digital currency could spark African financial revolution

    4 August, 2017
    Africa is arguably more suited for blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption than many of its more developed Western peers.
  5. Congolese inventor has a solution to get rural Africa emailing

    25 July, 2017
    A device that makes sending an email over 100-times cheaper.
  6. Case study: How this Singapore tech company built a thriving business in Africa

    14 July, 2017
    'For an SME to thrive in Africa, it will need people with a sense of adventure and not pampered employees that are used to luxury comforts,' says ICT company.
  7. Moroccan tech entrepreneur has a solution to combat illegal fishing

    10 July, 2017
    Drones controlled by special artificial intelligence software cost a fraction of operating traditional surveillance planes.
  8. South African company giving bulk buying power to low-income communities

    3 July, 2017
    Buying in bulk can lead to great savings. But low-income earners often don't have the means to purchase items in large quantities. This company has a solution.
  9. Start-up snapshot: Streamlining the buying and selling of medication in Nigeria

    26 June, 2017
    Talking business with Vivian Nwakah, co-founder of online pharmaceutical distribution platform Medsaf.
  10. Photo: King Baudouin African Development Prize

    Interview: Using technology to boost the incomes of West African farmers

    23 June, 2017
    Farmerline is a Ghanaian software company that provides small-scale farmers with information such as farming tips, market prices and weather reports.
  11. Photo: King Baudouin African Development Prize

    Kenyan entrepreneur providing a digital alternative to textbooks

    21 June, 2017
    Tonee Ndungu, the founder of Kytabu, discusses his business journey.
  12. Filling Nigeria’s fintech sector

    20 June, 2017
    Tech entrepreneur Tayo Oviosu returned to Nigeria from the US with a mission to build a business that would help financially empower ordinary people.
  13. Fintech: Africa’s payments and remittances space becoming crowded

    19 June, 2017
    Talking fintech trends with Tom Jackson, founder of Disrupt Africa.
  14. Africa’s digital rise hooked on innovation

    23 May, 2017
    Engineers are adapting technology to suit the specific needs and dynamics of the continent.
  15. Global consumer themes combine with new technologies to create African opportunity

    18 May, 2017
    A world of new consumer product, service and support opportunities are emerging on the continent.
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