Improve your herd’s performance with a new solution for parasites

Internal and external parasites can have a very significant impact on both production and reproduction performance in cattle, causing farmers to loose money.

With increasing resistance of these parasites against well known parasiticides – for example organophosphates and pyrethroids – there is always a need for newer formulas like the abamectin containing Avotan Pour-on®.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health offers you this combined, effective solution to roundworms (>90% effective against the mature and immature stadia of 6 common roundworm species) and blue ticks (>90% effective against Boophilus spp), with easy application.

Avotan Pour-on acts systemically after application on the top line of a bovine (on a concentrated area of the lower back). The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and in the case of ticks, the parasites ingest the abamectin after taking a bloodmeal. The product is designed to control the explosion of tick numbers. When the tick population has been controlled through regular/strategic application of this product, the risk of tick-borne disease will significantly decrease.

The product is ideal for use in lactating dairy cattle, as there is no milk withdrawal needed. Avotan Pour-on may be used on animals from 4 months and older. Apply as often as necessary to control parasites on a specific farm.

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