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Based in South Africa, Bosal’s House of Irrigation supplies a diverse customer base throughout Africa. It produces above-ground sprinkler irrigation equipment and also manufactures a wide range of “quick coupling” irrigation pipes in either galvanised lightweight steel or aluminium.

House of Irrigation

The House of Irrigation exports its products to a host of African countries.

The House of Irrigation is South Africa’s largest manufacturer and supplier of above-ground quick-coupling irrigation systems, providing low maintenance, cost effective equipment for agriculture, landscaping and industrial applications.

House of Irrigation is part of the Bosal Afrika Group. It is based in Pretoria, South Africa, where it manufactures a range of irrigation pipes with accessories. The company also supplies travelling irrigators and mechanised irrigation systems and distributes the IRRILINE and PERROT sprinkler ranges in Southern Africa.

The House of Irrigation exports its products to a host of African countries, including Algiers, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The International Irrigation Group includes Perrot in Germany, Giunti in Italy, and Irriline in the Middle East.

Proven Irrigation Solutions

The House of Irrigation ensures better quality, improved efficiency and flexibility, and a more affordable irrigation solution to meet your requirements:

Pipes and fittings – House of Irrigation is the largest manufacturer and distributor of quick-coupling pipes and fittings in Southern Africa. House of Irrigation offers the three most popular quick-coupling systems amongst local farmers – IRRILOK, IRRILATCH and IRRIKWIK.

Impact sprinklers and guns – The well known PERROT impact sprinklers complimented by the most cost-effective IRRILINE range offers a wide range of applications varying from home gardens, orchards and agriculture to commercial applications such as dust suppression at mines.

Travelling irrigators – The range of PERROT ROLLCART, BOSAL CRAWLER, GIUNTI and IRRILINE travelling irrigators is the ideal irrigation solution for small cash crops such as vegetable gardens, larger field sizes from 2.5 to 35 ha, and areas where labour is limited or not available.

IRRILINE filter range – High quality cost effective IN-LINE MESH FILTERS (3/4”-3”) and CIRCULAR DISC FILTERS (2” and 3”) are built with quality raw material that results in high quality filtration and adapts to all kinds of water and agriculture environment and installations.

Apart from manufacturing and distribution, the House of Irrigation provides a planning and design service for your new irrigation enterprise or to update your existing irrigation system, complemented with outstanding technical assistance and after-sale service.

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