DeLaval – fast, reliable machine milking

DeLaval offers solutions for every type of farmer – from those taking the first steps from hand-milking to bucket milking, to industrial farmers milking around the clock. We bring in-depth knowledge that comes from working proudly beside dairy farmers for decades. DeLaval can help you run your farm your way by providing your solutions – every day.

Faster and better than hand milking – Make your life easier with machine milking

Affordable DeLaval milking units make milking easier for you and better for your cows. Changing from hand to machine milking has many benefits – faster milking due to improved routines and better milk let down. Good routines throughout the lactation period help to reduce the stress in your herd. This helps to improve milk quality and increase milk yield. You can choose a fixed or mobile milking system.

DeLaval bucket milking system BMS

A fixed flexible system for a calm barn environment. It is simple to install the vacuum line in a barn.

DeLaval mobile milking system MMU

A sturdy rust resistant trolley on big strong wheels carries a complete milking system, with one or two buckets. Easy to use – just wheel it to where you want to milk.

Milking systems for expanding dairy herds

Your goal is a thriving farm with a bigger herd. Your inspiration is to succeed in dairy farming. Buying a DeLaval parlour is a decision to invest in the long term. This includes service, advice, faster expansion and ever-increasing integration with new technology. Our solutions are designed for cost-efficient and labour-saving milking, while limiting the use of natural resources. After all, the goal is to keep your total cost for milk production as low as possible.

Service and original parts

Producing and delivering premium quality milk is simply a matter of daily, weekly and monthly rountines. Cows and machinery must be kept in peak conditions at all times. Combining good preventative routines with high performance DeLaval products means profitable milk production and peace of mind. Original parts create reliability for your herd and your equipment. DeLaval’s original parts ensure that your machinery runs at an optimal level, while securing your udder health.

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For more information about DeLaval’s products and services, or to request a quote, contact Gavin Strang at:

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