Business Opportunities – Frequently Asked Questions

How we made it in Africa’s Business Opportunities listing is where companies and entrepreneurs can access exciting business and investment opportunities in Africa.

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Below are some frequently asked questions about listing an opportunity:

1. Who should consider listing an opportunity?

Any company looking for business partners in Africa.

There are three types of opportunities:

Distributor / Agent / Reseller: For companies seeking to expand their operations in Africa via distributors / agents / resellers. It is generally much more sustainable to have local representation on the ground that knows the market, as opposed to trying to sell products remotely.

Franchise: For companies seeking franchisees in Africa. This could include anything from restaurants to travel agencies.

Business Opportunity: For companies supplying products that could be used to start a business or generate revenue for the buyer. A potato crisps manufacturing machine or a key cutting machine are examples of these.

2. How will prospective business partners get in contact with me?

Interested parties respond directly via the email, telephone or website contacts provided in the business opportunity listing.

3. How much does it cost?

Standard ListingFeatured Listing
1 month$149$219
6 months$119 p/m (Total: $714)$169 p/m (Total: $1,014)
12 months$79 p/m (Total: $948)$109 p/m (Total: $1,308)
  • All prices in US dollars
  • All companies are listed alphabetically

For more information, please download our media kit. To make a booking, send an email to [email protected]