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Why Nokia Siemens decided to base its Africa head office in Kenya

Nokia Siemens Networks has picked Nairobi, Kenya as a base for its African headquarters.

The global telecommunications firm recently restructured and separated its operations on the continent. “The African market is growing at a strong pace and we felt the need to provide additional focus to support this growth. We already have a strong base of operations in Morocco and South Africa to support the region. Our head office in Kenya will strengthen our operations in the continent to deliver superior services to our customers,” explains Dimitri Diliani, head of African operations for Nokia Siemens Networks.

The company says it selected Kenya for its head office because the country provides a central location for travel, has a well educated pool of local talent and a robust telecommunications infrastructure.

“Our Nairobi office will serve as both a base of operations in the country and as the centralised headquarters of the entire African region,” says Diliani.

Staff in the Kenyan office numbered 220 employees in 2010. The company expects to employ 300 people by 2012.


  • Niren

    Good luck in finding talented staff in Nairobi.

    • Charles

      This is a typical racist remark from the kind of Indians that are generally in Nairobi, and in Kenya as a whole, who think they are the only ones with anything to offer in ICT. They are responsible for the skewed, racially-discriminatory state of employment, and poor remuneration conditions in the Kenya ICT sector. There is plenty of non-Indian talented staff in Nairobi. After all, it is the indigenous Kenyans in the Indian run ICT firms that actually do most of the work that generates the sector’s revenues.

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