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Cement wars heat up in East Africa as Dangote plans entry

Nigeria’s Dangote Cement is building a plant in Kenya, which analysts warn will shake up the market.

Meet the Boss: Pradeep Paunrana, managing director, ARM Cement

“Do whatever you do well, do it to perfection, give it your best,” advises Kenyan manufacturer.

Investec Asset Management targets mid-sized African companies

Investec recently invested in Nigeria-based Daraju Industries, which manufactures affordable home and personal care products.

From small family business to major cement company

ARM Cement boss says families do not have to own 100% of their businesses to achieve growth.

US market offers growth potential for Ethiopian-based food manufacturer

Mama Fresh Injera has teamed up with investors to increase its exports to the US and Europe.

Africa ‘has potential to grab global manufacturing opportunity’

Africa should focus on developing a range of economic activities and the skills to match these.

Four things you need to know about doing business in North Africa

Despite their geographical proximity, the countries of North Africa vary greatly. While some nations are still dealing with the effects of the Arab Spring, it is business as usual in others.

Our top 10 most read articles of 2013

How we made it in Africa rounds up the 10 articles that were read the most this year.

Focus on the basics, and the money will come in, says food entrepreneur

Prosoya Kenya founder explains how to attract finance.

Automation is a necessary technological shift, says tech company boss

Switching to smart machines may streamline business processes and create new types of jobs.

New research reveals Africa has 42 dollar-billionaires

Wealth-X and UBS census describes the profiles of Africa’s dollar-billionaires.

Why Evernote is expanding into Africa

Tech company Evernote is tapping into the growth of knowledge-focused businesses in Africa.

Africa can lead in energy, agriculture and manufacturing

Young people “want the future to be no different from region to region and natural resources to be used wisely by all”.

China in Africa: New challenges beyond the commodities super cycle

There are indications that China’s activities in Africa will be more varied in future.

Architect cashes in on Kenya’s growing property industry

Denmark-born architect has designed and built residential and hospitality projects in Kenya.