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Meet the Boss: Tunji Olowolafe, chairman, GZ Industries

“We need to educate all our people. That way we will achieve true freedom and prosperity.”

Kenya setting the scene for business in East Africa, says analyst

Anna Rosenberg finds that Kenya is ahead of other East African countries in many areas.

Nigerian manufacturer cashing in on demand for drinks in Africa

With more Africans drinking beer and soft drinks, GZI is well placed to expand its business.

Missteps and missed opportunities: Kenya’s industrialisation saga

The East African country has failed to kick-start its manufacturing sector, but not for lack of trying.

The ‘absurdity’ of manufacturing in Africa

African cocoa farmers see tiny portion of profits from finished products.

Africa must do more to unlock potential for rising intra-African trade

Exports by African countries to their peers on the continent have surged by 32% since the 2008 economic downturn.

How bamboo bikes gave women a new future in Ghana

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative trains women to become highly proficient bike builders.

Nestlé expects ‘major growth’ in Kenya when oil starts flowing

Food and beverage multinational is growing its coffee and cereal brands across East Africa.

What is to be done to fix manufacturing in South Africa?

To revive its manufacturing sector, Africa’s largest economy needs to bridge the gap between labour, industry and government.

A diamond in the rough: Adding value to Botswana’s minerals

The World Bank and others say adding value to raw materials is a dead-end street for African countries.

Organic fertiliser maker aims to make a difference in Kenya

“We need to conserve our environment, be sustainable and look after our soils. It is the number one resource.”

Private equity firm explains why it is backing the East African growth story

“The macro story in East Africa echoes that of Africa, and that makes it a relatively more attractive region.”

Treading a new path: Growing Ethiopia’s factory floors

A major Chinese shoe manufacturer is lacing up for the long run in this economic powerhouse. Will others follow?

Busting the myths about industrialisation in Africa

Africa’s need to aggressively pursue the industrialisation path has become more compelling.

Cement wars heat up in East Africa as Dangote plans entry

Nigeria’s Dangote Cement is building a plant in Kenya, which analysts warn will shake up the market.