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Entrepreneur Expo: 18–19 July 2014

The 5th Entrepreneur Expo and Conference is taking place on 18-19 July at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2014 Africa congress: 14 August 2014

Only a few years ago, Africa was viewed as the potential pitfall for investors; today it is dubbed as ‘the fastest growing continent’. What has brought about this change and what have businesses done differently to act as the catalyst for this rapid growth?

Hospitality and Foodbiz West Africa: 9–11 September 2014

The hospitality and food industries in West Africa are on the verge of explosive growth due to rapid economic expansion across the region.

AgriBusiness Forum: 26–29 October 2014

The AgriBusiness Forum is EMRC’s flagship event, aimed at strengthening the agri-food sector in Africa.