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Unpacking the potential in cities and towns such as Nakuru, Eldoret and Kahama.

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Regional ICT integration is very much on the agenda.

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“One advantage I have now is being three years ahead of everyone else.”

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“Being part-owner of a restaurant is not easy and it’s not glamorous.”

Running an online business in Tanzania: Insights from a US-born manager

How we made it in Africa talks to Erfaan Mojgani, country manager of online marketplace Kaymu in Tanzania.

Airline Flydubai increasing its business on the continent

UAE’s low-cost airline Flydubai is increasing its routes to several destinations in northern and eastern Africa.

African pension funds should invest more in local private equity, says fund manager

Pension funds in Africa should direct more money towards financing private equity firms that fund local enterprises.

Chai Bora: The tea company with great ambitions in Tanzania and beyond

Chai Bora MD discusses the company’s plans and the benefits of having private equity investors on board.

Private equity firm wants to propel Tanzanian businesses to greater heights

Talking investment with CEO of Mkoba Private Equity Fund.

Start-up snapshot: Tanzanian IT entrepreneurs juggling studies and business

“Today we are making enough money to cover the company’s bills and support ourselves as well as pay for our university education.”

What a Tanzanian IT entrepreneur learnt from his previous business failure

Benedict Tesha, owner of Jamaa Technologies, talks about the factors that led to his previous business’s collapse.

Meet the Boss: Mustafa Suleimanji, MD, Lamudi

“It’s an exciting time in Africa and the internet is shifting the way we do business.”

Why Tanzania’s real estate market is taking off

“In Dar es Salaam there is a huge increase in the purchase of apartments,” says Mustafa Suleimanji, managing director for Lamudi in Tanzania.

How this company built a business by charging phones in rural Tanzania

Juabar has built a franchise network of micro-business owners who offer phone charging services.

Meet the Boss: Kapila Ariyatilaka, MD, Chai Bora

“Be honest in your dealings. You will sleep well and will still make the money you require to live in this world.”